Team Effort

After a few months on the road, staying in the homes of gracious friends and family and some great cooks, I have returned to Charlotte as home and a home with a dream kitchen. My earliest works have been a team effort.

Out my backyard, l land in Sunflower Bakery. (Thank you, Conor, for sharing this gem with me!) Truly a double-edged sword with my penchant for breakfast sandwiches. It seems the rest of Charlotte is quickly agreeing, and prices are through the roof. (the roof! I have a roof! yeah, home!!)

Here’s my quick, delicious, and cost-effect solution. Excited to have Sunflower and as my new neighbor!

Breakfast: Team Effort


Cheddar Biscuit from Sunflower
Two overhard eggs
5-6 leaves of spinach
1/2 avocado, sliced
Texas Pete hot sauce
Oh, and Bacon. Of course Bacon. I just found out that      Meat and Fish is opening a butchery on Morehead.         Their bacon is unrivaled, unless of course you are       having brunch at the Ritz Carlton where they serve M&F’s bacon.

Caution: Sunflower beverages are hot and tempting, even when dining at home.  


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