Where I’m From

Being back in Texas has made me nostalgic for my first foodie dishes.  (I also don’t have my camera to upload my most recent pictures).  I hope you enjoy a few plates I photographed before the inception of this blog.  



peppers stuffed with fried egg and cheese 


chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting for Halloween for the football team


chocolate rice krispy treats for the football team…miss the days of Friday afternoon cooking…go ‘Cats!

Image(this does have a filter)  buffalo cheese dip with a celery ring

ImageHappy Birthday, crush!  Chocolate cake with homemade chocolate buttercream frosting!


triple threat brownies: cookie, oreos, and brownie





Sprinted South

I know it’s summer but let’s do some quick math.  7 hours to DC.  9 hours to MA.  8 hours back to DC.  8 hours back to Charlotte.  If I taught number strings correctly to my second graders this year, I logged 32 hours in the car from 5:00 pm Thursday to 1:30 am in the first hours of Monday morning.  That’s pretty crazy.  What’s even crazier is my crush claiming to win the Categories game when the category was “cheese” or that neapolitan is a proper word that doesn’t count in the Ghost game.   Really, you think you know more about cheeses and ice cream/grammar, crush?  It’s a sore spot but we’ve agreed if that was our biggest problem, we did pretty well together.  All in all, quickly coming up on the menu is a dish with sheep’s milk and neapolitan ice cream.  (Notice the lack of a capital letter and not even red underlined!)  

Our road trip diet leaves much to be desired.  I fear I have no pictures to share unless dark side skittles, Applebees, and Zaxby’s chicken are worth of being posted.  That may have been the other road-trip arguement…Zaxby’s is in no way superior to Chick-fil-A! 

What we did enjoy was a raspberry lemon sorbet from Thomas Sweet in Georgetown.  


The McDonalds dinner at 10:30 pm, however, again left us craving Y2yoga (http://y2yoga.com/) where we quickly headed upon our return to Charlotte to sweat out fast food.  Now I really wish I had a picture of my crush trying to hold revolved half moon with a bind.  

28 hours later I hopped onto a plane to Austin, Texas.  My mom has recently relocated to the food truck capital of the world, the live music capital, and the home of southwestern food.  I have no complaints.  Last night we went to Z Tejas for dinner (http://ztejas.com/).  I enjoyed a southwestern chopped salad, street tacos, and shrimp and avocado tostadas shared tapas style with my mom and grandma.  It was fabulous and leaves me craving more black beans, corn, and avocados in my cooking.  

My mom lives near the flagship Whole Foods.  This place is incredible.  It makes food blogs unnecessary because cooking is unnecessary.  So maybe not so incredible.   No, it was incredible.   Just don’t get too impressed by them that you stop trying to do it on your own. Though, maybe I will leave cakes to them? 


Things to come:  sheep’s milk cheese, neapolitan ice cream, black beans, corn, and avocados. 

Things to avoid: fast food