The “Im”pressure is on

I was invited to my first potluck at my crush’s house since the inception of this blog.  Cooking for him is one thing but when its time to meet the friends, the pressure to impress–the “im”pressure–is on.  

Saturday morning I scoured 7th Street Public Market for the best ingredients.  I walked away with 3 pounds of black angus ground beef and a pound of bacon from Meat and Fish ( and a quarter pound of smokey blue cheese from Orman’s cheese shop (   A picked up an onion from my favorite fresh fruit and veggie stand at the front of the market as well.


BBB sliders were born.  Bacon, blue cheese, and black peppercorn sliders with carmelized onions. 

The photos below will guide you through the process.  I don’t have a picture of the final plating because they were gone so quickly!  Success!Image

Chop the cheese into very small pieces.  It is important to cut into the smallest pieces possible so that when you cook the patties, the cheese does not melt out of the slider burger.  


Cook the bacon separately then break into tiny pieces and work into the ground beef.  


Mix the bacon, black peppercorn, and cheese into the ground beef by hand.  


I don’t have a grill so a George Foreman countertop grill had to do the trick.  




For the onions, I used a yellow onion, butter, and the same Washington Applewood Smoked Salt from Salts of the Earth that I used on my grouper last week.  









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