A rose by a different name does “taste” as sweet

After the gorgeous bouquet of roses I received from my crush, I attempted similarly to give a rose, but one I think men might like a little more.   ImageFor dinner a few nights ago I cooked some delicious ingredients that I picked up at Meat and Fish at the 7th Street Public Market.   Below is pictured a 8 ounce salmon sockeye filet with a mediterranean herb couscous in a large leaf of green cabbage.   Plated next to the salmon is a tuna carpaccio rose.  This is a very thin piece of raw tuna that is rolled and then folded to look like a rose.  It is a bit complicated to eat, but I cut mine into small pieces and combined it with the salmon in the couscous.   My go-to vegetable is asparagus with fresh cracked pepper.  


Some tips as far as the salmon.  Check out this beautiful piece of sockeye (or red) salmon from 7th Street!  Sockeye is such a great choice because it is very low in methylmercury (the downside to eating fish on the regular.)


SKIN: salmon skin is edible but only if the skin has been fully de-scaled.  While I served the salmon skin, I had not prepared the skin to be eaten, only to be cooked with.  Whenever cooking meat/fish, always start with skin-side down in the pan.  Before cooking, score the skin.  To score, rake a fork in a cross-hatching design and thinly penetrate the skin.   COOKING: instead of using vegetable or canola oil in the pan, I instead used coconut oil.  I didn’t have any so when I was at Dean & Deluca (total indulgence) I picked up a jar.  I mean I literally picked up a jar.  And then I set it right back down.  18 dollars?!  For the oil to put in the pan?  I don’t think so, thank you.  However, I then was at Marshall’s later that day.  I walked through the cooking aisle and there, for $6, was an equal size jar of coconut oil…hooray!  The sweetness of this oil was a great substitute.  I coated the bottom of the pan liberally and let heat.  Salmon should sizzle when placed, remember, skin down!  


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