#1:  Dover Sole with lemon and pepper



1. Frozen dover sole fish fillets from Trader Joes

2. one fresh squeezed lemon

3. crushed pepper

4. cooking spray/oil

Directions:  Defrost fish according to package instructions (run under cold water).  Spray the pan and heat to medium high heat.  Squeeze the lemon and cover fish in juice.  Place the fillets into pan, cooking all the way through, approximately 3 minutes per side.  Remove from heat and crush black pepper over the top.



#2:  Red Wine and Balsamic Vinegar Chicken Breasts



1. 6 free range skinless, boneless chicken breasts from Trader Joes (can be substitute with any skinless, boneless chicken breasts)

2.  1 cup of flour

3.  2 eggs

4. 2 cups of red wine (any blend)

5. 2 cups of balsamic vinegar

6. 1 can of Trader Joes artichoke hearts

Directions:  Heat over to 400 degrees F.  Whisk the red wine and balsamic vinegar in a stovetop pan, bringing to boil.  Allow to simmer for 3-5 minutes.  Create an egg wash by cracking the eggs into a bowl or pan and place flour into another nearby bowl or pan.  Dip each chicken breast into the egg wash and then into the flour.  (This can get messy and I haven’t perfected how to do this yet.  Any tips would be appreciated!)  Spray the skillet and heat to medium high heat.  Place chicken breasts onto skillet cooking 3/4 of the way through.  Remove from heat and place in oven-safe dish.  Spread chicken across bottom of pan.  Pour red wine and balsamic vinegar into the pan.  Place artichoke hearts around the chicken.  Finish cooking the chicken all the way through (approximately 8 minutes). 

#3.  Sea Scallop Risotto with side 



1. 1/2 pound of 2 cm sea scallops (Meat & Fish Co.)

2.  Archer Farms roasted red pepper risotto (Target)

3.  butter (per risotto instructions)

4.  Trader Joes frozen artichoke hearts

5.  French baguette or other sliced bread

6. 1/2 cup ricotta cheese

7.  blackberries

8.  2 sprigs of basil (I used parsley here as that was all I had but highly recommend basil instead)

9. crushed black pepper

10.  crushed red pepper

Directions:  Scallops: Spray skillet with oil and heat to high heat.  Sear scallops for 30 second on each side.  Remove from skillet.  Risotto: so yes, I took a short cut here and used the boxed risotto.  It is still delicious and is inexpensive but feel free to substitute your own risotto.  I will be cooking my first soon.)  

Combine artichoke hearts and risotto.  Plate then place scallops.  Crush black and red peppers over the top.  Slice bread and cover in a 1/4 inch layer of ricotta cheese.  Top with blackberries and basil.  


I am getting hungry…more coming on the smorgasbord.  Tonight I’m thinking sockeye salmon with a tuna carpaccio rose.  Vegetables TBD. 



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