Meat & Fish Co.

Last summer, I returned to Charlotte to begin my new job.  I had a few days off, and so I headed down to 7th Street Public Market.  I remember knowing nothing about navigating the parking situation downtown and trekking from my car half way across town at the first free spot I could find.  I remember a lot about that day.  I was wearing jean shorts, a plaid shirt, and my white lace Toms shoes.  Remember my new crush?  I actually saw him on the street that day last year, though he doesn’t remember.  Guess I won’t wear that outfit ever again.

Anyways, I went to Not Just Coffee and said down with a delicious French Press Coffee and my journal and a book.  I wandered around the market but about all that was open was Meat & Fish Co.  I looked at it, overwhelmed and walked away.   Nevertheless, there was something about that place.  It took me a while to make it back…in early April I went to have a pizza on my day off and that’s when it clicked.  I could do this.  As I walked around, Meat & Fish Co. didn’t look so overwhelming.  A challenge, yes.  Thankfully, I met the most helpful person behind the counter, Jake.  A lot of the tips for cooking the meat come from him.  He takes time whether a busy Saturday or a slow Thursday afternoon to come out from behind the counter and discuss all of the options with me.  After we settle on something my budget can afford, we discuss cooking techniques and pairings.  Sometimes I feel like it’s Jake who should be starting this blog, but he is so encouraging that I know he is excited for me.  Most of my meat, then, is from Meat & Fish Co, at 7th Street Market in Charlotte.  Some of my selections are unusual and unique to my butcher but others can easily be picked up at your neighborhood grocery store.  I hope you enjoy some selections below!

P.S.  I have since taken that crush I saw on the street to 7th Street Market.  While he doesn’t remember the first time he saw me on the way there, who cares now that he was by my side there last Saturday morning.


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