My Seat in the Cupboard


I grew up thinking cooking was a pointless art.  My mother was good at it but her plate was full.  I believed plated meals were served only by wealthy stay-at-home mothers with families of 2.5 children or for holidays and other special occasions.

What I’ve learned is that cooking is expensive but can be done for a reasonable cost while working full-time.  My goal here is to tell you how.

My cooking started with the simultaneity of a move and a crush.  Over the year I had bought and frozen some quality ingredients that I needed to cook.  Also, this crush sparked a lot of cooking because what guy turns down a home cooked meal?  Especially when photos can be sent to pull him away from work to meeting you at the dinner table.  I started small, cooking by the book recipes and lots of baking but three months later I have fallen in love.

Of course, I’ve always loved eating so get ready for some great meals, cooked and dining out.  I’ll start off with some posts of my variety of my dishes with ingredients, their purchase place, and cooking directions and tips.  All images are #nofilter.


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